Monday, 16 April 2012


I have just finished the coring of my stump rooted carrots and my parsnips in the taller bed. What a time consuming process that was. The hardest part was sieving the bags of peat ,soil and sand as well as granulating the calcified seaweed. Saying that what a lovely texture the final growing medium was I think next year I will try to buy the composts etc. a bit earlier and prepare everything in the winter whan theres less to do. Filling the two beds for a total of 72 core holes has cost around £150 in total. this is alot of money however I will save £120 of this next year as I have the sand for a few years now. Obviously this is very expensive for the sake of vegetables showing however if you still fancy a go and don't have the cash then I have had success with coring straight into the soil in the garden and filling these with sieved compost. This does give results however so carrots / parsnips did tend to fork (produce more than one taproot). The number of these crops you grow more than makes up for the few loses.

Seiving the peat
Stump carrot cores.


  1. Looks very good Malf
    I wish you every success

  2. Thanks blicky how has this crazy weather affected your sowing times etc.