Sunday, 29 April 2012

End of April.

With the end of April being something of a wash out I took the time to review my progress in the garden. To start with I have started my tomatoes way to early they are in the greenhouse now but are so far ahead that I am worried their season will be over before show time. My parsnips have just poked there heads out of the soil in the long veg bed. This is brilliant for me as I have had no success with parsnips in the past, that's why I decided to bite the bullet and go the whole hog to set up a deep bed of sand to grow them in.

Parsnip Seedlings

My early potatoes have survived late night skirmishes by our local badger and are now pushing out from their muddy homes. I planted these two weeks behind everyone around me and I now seem to be catching up. So if you do find yourself having to delay sowing / planting don't worry to much as the temperature increases so does the veg growth rate so there won't be to much of a difference. Although it should be mentioned it doesn't feel that way when you are looking at your neighbours big healthy seedlings when yours are just getting started but patience is a virtue and you will get there.

Potato shoots.

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