Site Preparation: Every autumn in the greenhouse I add well rotted manure to the border and then in the spring I put a slow release feed into the soil before placing a 15L pot with the bottom removed half into the soil. Next to each pot half submerge a 2L pop bottle or similar with the bottom cut off and the cap removed. 

Sowing: The seeds are sown into individual pots of compost and are pushed into the soil on the edge so that the chances of the seed rotting before germination is reduced.

Potting On: Once the seedlings produce the first true leaf they can be potted on into 7" pots. And then in turn into 10" pots.

Planting Out: When planting out push a bamboo cane into the border soil before planting so as not to damage the roots of the plants. Water in thoroughly and fill the pot to the top with compost . Ensure the bottle in the soil is kept topped up with water throughout the season. The general rule of thumb when planting cucumbers in the greenhouse is one plant per window (26").

Harvesting: When harvesting cucumbers cut the stalk approx 3cm above the fruit, take care not to nick plants when cutting as cucumber plants are highly susceptible to diseases. A little trick for if you only need half a fruit is to cut the fruit half way up and leave the remainder on the plant the open end will seal over until you need it.

Pests and Diseases: The main disease to watch out for on cucumber plants is Mosaic virus disease. There is no treatment for this disease and plants should be removed and burnt immediately.
  • Bitterness - Control temperature fluctuations i.e. bubble wrap, fleece etc.
  • Powdery Mildew - Keep soil moist. increase ventilation.

Mosiac Virus
Powdery Mildew

Varieties: The following are the varieties i have used with notes on the performance of each one.
  • Telegraph - Every bodies first cucumber, good all rounder
  • Carmen - Exhibitors choice, long straight fruits

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