Sunday, 25 March 2012

A quick catch up

I just thought I would do a quick review of everything under my lamp as it has been a while since the last look. My shallots have gone and are in the greenhouse no.2. The tomatoes (Cedrico and red cherry) have shot up and I am considering putting them in the greenhouse. The cucumbers (telepathy and telegraph) are growing steadily but will need potting up this week. The giant onions are looking good and the kelsaes have filled the pots nicely. The toughball onions definitely need potting up as soon as there is space. On the leek front my initial batch of Robinson's pot and blanch leeks are growing strongly and I think the leeks I got from Mr. Brereton from garden news have taken and I am hoping they will catch up. My main concern at the moment is whether I should put the insulation around my blanch leeks now. If anybody thinks so (or not) I would appreciate a response.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Greenhouse No. 2

Having 'Sourced' a new greenhouse over the winter I have been constructing it and filling the borders in preparation for the onions i am growing under my lamp. The greenhouse I got was free and I would highly recommend that people search eBay and free ads of local newspapers for used greenhouses available at a very reasonable prices. The greenhouse borders are split into three sections, the back for the giant onions, one side for the kelsae onions and the other side for toughball onions. Now i only have to fill the carrot bays with sand and foll out the cores with compost and i will be back on track.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

LLaingoch and District Spring Flower Show

Today I attended the LLaingoch and District Spring Flower Show, it is a very small show with only a few entrants however the standard is still pretty high. The organisers do a fantastic job of putting on this show selflessly giving their time to the community. (And their cakes are pretty good too!). I also had to go so I could ask the secretary how to join the society. (These people are very approachable and anybody thinking of joining their local horticultural society should, as you get to know fellow growers, exchange advise and gain information of the other events happening on the local community) The reason for joining the society was so I could be entered into the members trophies section of the summer show. Anyway here are a couple of snaps of the show.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Llaingoch and District spring flower show

Tomorrow sees the first show of the horticultural year with the Llaingoch and District spring flower show being held in the village hall. The show is open to all from 1pm onwards. Whilst I am not exhibiting this year I will be there to support the excellent work done by the organising committee.