Sunday, 25 March 2012

A quick catch up

I just thought I would do a quick review of everything under my lamp as it has been a while since the last look. My shallots have gone and are in the greenhouse no.2. The tomatoes (Cedrico and red cherry) have shot up and I am considering putting them in the greenhouse. The cucumbers (telepathy and telegraph) are growing steadily but will need potting up this week. The giant onions are looking good and the kelsaes have filled the pots nicely. The toughball onions definitely need potting up as soon as there is space. On the leek front my initial batch of Robinson's pot and blanch leeks are growing strongly and I think the leeks I got from Mr. Brereton from garden news have taken and I am hoping they will catch up. My main concern at the moment is whether I should put the insulation around my blanch leeks now. If anybody thinks so (or not) I would appreciate a response.

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