Sowing: The seeds of beetroot are fairly large and are easy to sow., They also lend themselves to sowing outside when the weather heats up however I prefer to sow in large moadules of compost. The end of march is when I normally look to sow my first batch.

Planting Out: Once the plants roots have filled the modules i plant these out into rows and keep them weeded.

Harvesting: Pull out of the floor using the leaves then pull the leaves off leaving a few centimeters of stalks to prevent the beet bleeding everywhere.

Pests and Diseases: The main problem for beets is the flea beetle that takes small serrations on the leaves of the plant. However this only affcts you if you use the leaves in salad. (I don't). Other problems include:

  • Slugs - Pellets
  • Leaf Spot - Use growmore fertiliser when I plant out
  • Boltardy - Everybodies first beetroot, good uniform beets, good kitchen qualities,
  • Red Ace - Good all rounder.
  • Detroit - There are a few detroit varities which are all equally good.
  • Pablo - The exhibitors choice, excellant uniformity and good eater aswell.
  • Burpees Golden - Yellow beet, adds interest to a meal, slightly weaker flavour than the reds.
  • Chioggia Pink - Candy Striped, interseting, wealer flavour
Burpees golden


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