Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Season Review

With the start of the new growing season only three weeks away I thought now would be a good time to review this year. I have once again exceeded my expectations for the year with both results at my local show and also with the amount of crops produced for this winter.
Firstly this year I entered my local show with a target of just beating my previous years efforts of nine prize cards and a third placed medal for the top tray. I had increased the number of entries from last year and found the preparation hard going, but in the end well worth it as I finished up with seventeen prize cards, the cup for the best basket of vegetables and the shield for best vegetable exhibit, as well as third place medal for the top tray again.
Secondly, the extra planning has paid off as I still have copious amounts of winter veg. The most successful of which is my Brussels sprout plants that I received from an offer in Kitchen Garden from Fentongollen, Devon. I have already harvested one and a half kilos with quite a way to go on all the plants.
With that trumpet blowing over and done with I can now in the coming weeks begin planning for this season. Starting with the boxing day tradition of planting the blanch and pot leeks, giant onion and shallots.

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