Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Its a Date.

Below is the planting system I will be using for next year. These dates are only suggested and will be manipulated to suit both myself and the weather. This planning is critical when growing for exhibition and I have to produce my exhibits for the middle of August. 

Giant Onions
Blanch Leeks                       Boxing Day
Pot Leeks
Large Onions                       1st week of January
250g Onions                         Mid-January

Celery                                   1st week of February
Tomatoes                              Mid-February

Parsnips                               1st week of March
Carrots (Long)                      Mid-March
Broad Beans                        End of March

Tomato (Giant)                    Early April
Runner Beans
Carrots (Stump)                   2nd week of April
Potatoes                               Last week of April

Peas                                     1st week of May

Marrows                               1st week of June
French Beans                      2nd week of June

Planning of crops and timing is extremely variable no gardener gets everything right every year, no matter what they might say, and multiple sowings will need to be made to ensure crops are available for the show period

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