Sunday, 5 February 2012

Celery Seed is so small!!!!

Today my first sowing of celery seed got done. I choose two sowing's, one at either end of the month because i have experienced some mistiming in the past. Last year was my first year of showing celery and whilst it was a personal achievement to get the crop to the bench the overall quality of the exhibit was fairly poor and due to a small number of entries I still managed to get a second place card. The main problem was the tightness of the head as alot of the stalks were lacking a bit of thickness. It is important when sowing this seed that you do not cover the seed with soil and have the compost in the tray pre-moistened.
Meanwhile the rest of the seedlings in my loft are doing really well having recovered from the transplanting into pots and are growing away again.

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  1. Hi there Matt
    I sowed my celery on 25 Jan and will be sowing another lot this weekend (Red star) I've never grown it before for showing so need to see how it goes. I've had a reasonable germination form the first sowing. I'm only looking for 12 quality plants from each sowing. I'm also doing Caulis this year and I am following Jim Pearson's advice and sowing 4 lots over a 30 day period which he reckons will give veg to show from early August through to mid September.

    Cheers John